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Franke 02 FRX02 Water Filter By Doulton, 4 packs

Franke 02 FRX02 Water Filter By Doulton, 4 packs

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Product Details

  • Genuine OEM Ultracarb filter from Doulton
  • Built-in scale inhibitor
  • 1 micron carbon block layer
  • Made in England

Doulton M15 candle for Franke filter housings with double slim "O" rings and 15mm metric M15 threaded mount. This 10" cartridge uses a multi-stage system of filtration all in one filter cartridge with an added scale inhibitor media to reduce build up of limescale, and improves water taste and odor. How often you replace the filter will depend on quality of water in your local area and filtration needs.


  • OEM, factory-original product from Doulton
  • 1 micron (nominal) carbon block for removal particulate and suspended solids
  • Activated carbon block removes chlorine and organics, greatly improving taste and odor of water
  • Built-in scale inhibitor media effectly reduces limescale and protects sensitive boiler elements
  • 10" filter with M15 threaded mount 


  • Capacity: 2,300 liters / 600 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 1.45 GPM
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